Who We Are

It's really amazing to see all different kinds of people, different ages, genders, races, getting together, and working for a common cause: to get people's voices and stories heard.

-Brittany, 25, Uptown Action actor

 Winter Parranda

How it all started

In 2009, Mino Lora and Bob Braswell, both theatre artists, educators and proud residents of Washington Heights, co-founded People’s Theatre Project in Northern Manhattan with the simple goal of making theatre accessible to their community.

The organization found its voice in the summer of 2009 when over 200 residents were stopped on the street by the volunteer staff and asked a few questions about what role the arts had in their lives. When asked when was the last time they attended the theater, about 85% of people said they had never been or had attended only once when they were children. When asked if they would be interested in performing on stage with People’s Theatre Project, over 90% of people answered with a resounding “Yes!” or “Claro!”.

This was when they knew that the young company was not only about bringing stories into the community, but bringing them out of the community as well. Ever since, People's Theatre Project has been making theatre with its neighbors by collaborating with schools, organization, and community members.

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