Uptown Theater Group Tackles Racism Facing Latinos in Latest Performance

By Carolina Pichardo | DNAInfo | November 3, 2015 7:29pm

WASHINGTON HEIGHTS — A new play created and performed by 13 "community actors" will put issues of racism facing Latinos Uptown at center stage this week.

The People's Theatre Project's new performance, "Better Than You," acts as a tool for participants to rehearse for real-life events and brainstorm solutions to certain problems, organizers said.

During the play, actors will portray different characters and scenes that highlight various aspects of racism, violence or concerns within the Latino communities of Washington Heights and Inwood.

The performance also counts on audience involvement, with the actors asking theatergoers to tell them what they thought of the stories, as well as come onstage to demonstrate how they would have reacted in those situations. 

“All of our plays come directly from the real-life experience of our community actors,” said Mino Lora, program director of the People's Theatre Project. “Our goal is to engage our community in creative dialogue."

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