We are grateful for the organizations and individuals who believe, like we do, that all people are artists with a voice to share. With your collective support, we have grown from an idea over a cup of café con leche into a strong, growing and ever-learning part of so many people's lives. With your encouragement, we will continue our work of creating the space in people's lives to be creative, living, breathing human beings.

Thank you!

 Funding Partners

  • The Catalog for Giving

  • Pinkerton Foundation

  • New York City Department of Cultural Affairs

  • New York State Council on the Arts

  • City Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez

  • New York City Department of Education

  • NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

  • Columbia University Medical Center

  • New York Life

  • City Council Member Mark Levine


Individual Donors

The following people have written checks, dropped cash in our bucket at an event, or made an online contribution on our website. We know that where you put your dollars matter, and often a lot of thought goes into it - it's an important way of using your voice to show what you believe in.

Simon Alcantara Fernando Fiorentino Caesar Mendez
Mary Anderson Jay Robert Fonow Dodi Meyer
Eddie Antar William Fox Anita Meyer
Silvestre Arcos Michael Frederic naomi meyer
Katherine Areche Eileen Fuentes jahayra munoz
Anne Armstrong-Coben iliana garcia Luis Nobriga
George Arzeno Cesar Gil Veronica Odio
Anne Battle Luis Gonzalez Jessy Perez
Yanet Bautista JoanneGgordon Liliana Polo-McKenna
Roberto Beltre Regina Gradess Victoria Popoola
Laura Bosley Kelly Grayer Jessica Quandt
Mandeep Brahmbhatt Santiago Grullon savita ramdhanie
Judy & Ken Braswell Zabryna Guevara Perla Reyes
Mino Lora & Bob Braswell Joseph Hache Nacllies Richards
Patrick & Christine Braswell Ellen Hagan Ana-Ofelia Rodriguez
Florian Braun Alexander Hardy Yenifer Romero
Isabel Brown Van Hartmann Cynthia Rosario
Toby Brown John Hubers Zeev Rosenhek
Amy Brown Emma Hulse Kennon Rothchild
Luz Bucio Karita Hummer Lynn Rubin
Kelly Burdick Susanne Ikekpolor Pedro Salomon
Jessica Carmona Liliane Ivester Didi Sanchez
Marina Catallozzi Diane Jorge Erin Scanlon
Marline Chavez Deborah Katznelson Kevin Schneider
Andrew Clateman Debra Klaber Elizabeth Sevilla
Harlan Coben Monica Klehr Ivana Silverio
Wally Compres Batya Lebinger Molly Skinner-Day
Lonnie Cooper Lidia Leon Barry Solowey
Lisandra De Fraga Judy Lipshutz Sarah Spanarkel & Mike Braswell
Michael Diaz Veronica Liu Elizabeth Starcevic
Erika Dickerson Maria Lizardo Yvonne Stennett
Bryan Dotson Janice Llamoca Julia Tavares
George Dowdy Elizabeth Lorris Ritter Roseann Tebay
Mariana Elder Raymond Mancini Amelia Vicini
Alex Escalona Katherine McCaskie Chaim Wachsberger
Richard Espinal Babana Medrano Codey Young
Anne Farrar Jeremy Megraw  


If you'd like to join this illustrious list, please consider making a contribution by clicking here.